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Aoi Eir & Haruna Luna LIVE @ Sakura-Con 2013!

With last year being dominated by the popularity of Fate/Zero. It was now Sword Art Online’s time to hit the charts of popularity in the anime community. How so? By having Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir have their first LIVE performance in North America at Sakura-Con! With this opportunity coming to North America, I am thankful for Cosplay Victoria to choose me as their correspondent at Sakura-Con 2013. To cover Haruna Luna’s and Aoi Eir live performance.

The live performance was AMAZING! Even though I was behind my camera for the majority of the live performance. I was overwhelmed at how amazing Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir were. The choice of songs in the specific order chosen had a big impact on me and made the live performance quite memorable.

Their opening song to the live performance, a cover of the opening to Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Connect by ClariS. All I can say, what a way to open the live performance. The crowd was loving it and going nuts and me being behind my camera taking photos. I was enjoying the moment and getting into it. After the opening, Haruna and Aoi said their opening words of thanks and the importance of communication through music and any other media. With their opening words said, Aoi Eir exited the stage for Haruna to begin her part of the live performance with Sora wa Tataku Kaze no Utau…. followed by her song Overfly. After Haruna give her part of the performance, Aoi Eir returned on stage to give her part of the live performance by singing Innocence and Memoria. With Aoi Eir finishing her part. Haruna Luna returned on stage joined Aoi Eir in a duet cover of Crossing Fields by LiSA. By far, their cover of Crossing Fields was my favourite song if you include cover songs in the live performance. If I had to choose my favourite song from the live performance, not including cover songs. Sora wa Tataku Kaze no Utau takes top spot in my heart.

Enough with the words, I think it’s time for you to see for yourselves. Snap shots of that time and my experience through these photos!

Aoi Eir & Haruna Luna LIVE @ SAKURA-CON 2013

Haruna & Aoi LIVE AT SAKURA-CON 2013
In the meantime, I will be preparing articles from the group press interview I requested to join. The guests I requested to interview; Toshihiro Kawamoto (Character designer for Cowboy Bebop, Gosick, Golden Boy, an important member of the animation studio BONES and having an important role in the early stages of the Gundam franchise), Kawahara Reki (Creator of Accel World and one of the most well known series, SWORD ART ONLINE), and lastly Aoi Eir & Haruna Luna!

Here is a wonderful video of the opening song to the live performance!

Edit: Placed a video of the opening song to the live performance. Provided by KUROHI Media and Sutoraiku Anime.


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