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Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir @ Sakura-Con 2013 – JPopJRock Collaboration

For those who love Japanese Pop and/or Rock. I have been asked to contribute the photos taken of Aoi Eir and Haruna at their interview and live performance. To collaborate with JPopJRock on their coverage of Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir at Sakura-Con 2013!  Below is the first article out of a few that will be released by JPopJRock. In collaboration with SutoraikuAnimeJapanatorJapan-A-Radio,  and Cosplay Victoria. To read the interview, please use the underlined hyperlink “Haruna Luna Interview…”

Haruna Luna Interview At Sakura-Con

Haruna Luna & Aoi Eir @ Sakura-Con 2013
For my first time as an official member of press. I am happy I am able to contribute to the community that loves the same thing I like.


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