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CHN Comics posts watermark over Cosplayer’s/Photographer’s photos

The website in question; CHN Comic.

This shouldn’t be the biggest thing on your mind. It won’t solve poverty but what this is about is respect for yourself and others. Especially the image portrayed by one’s actions reflects the group as a whole.

As the saying goes; all for one, one for all (“tous pour un, un pour tous”)

Taking advantage of the cosplayer and photographer is not a nice way to show your respect for your fandom/interests.

To those who think it is alright replacing the watermark without the photographer’s and/or cosplayer’s permission. What you are doing is disrespectful to the cosplayer and photographer, along with that, the community.

The majority of the cosplay photos posted on CHN Comic are posted by their team/group. Without crediting the original cosplayers, and photographers.

Send them a message telling them what they are doing is disrespectful to others who share the same interests as them. Here is the contact webpage for the website:



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