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Jessica Nigri at Anime Revolution 2014

With Jessica Nigri’s return to Anime Revolution. Here are three questions and answers, one of them was asked by a fan.

Jessica Nigri AR 2014-21957

You have seen various cosplay communities around the world. Is there or are there any communities that have caught your attention or is your favourite?

You guys are gonna think I am just saying it but, Canada. I think it’s because you guys are nice people, to your core. Do you feel that way, that your community is nice to the core? Generally, I don’t really hear very much drama from Canada. It’s mostly from Arizona or Atlanta is all the drama. I really like the Canadian community. I just recently did a Battle Disney Princess group and the girls were; come be a part of our group and I was like ok. I have never been in a group before and that’s nice.

*Mrs. Nigri noticed D.I.S/C Photography cosplaying as Battle Bunny Riven, from League of Legends.*

You look lovely by the way.

Thank you.

You have done many outfits, which is your favourite outfit and why is it your favourite outfit. What did you learn from your outfit?

I really like my Mad Moxxi from Borderlands 2. I love Mad Moxxi because she is kind of insecure. She is this girl who puts herself out there. She always has her chest out. She makes funny sexual innuendos but she is not confident in the way she does it. It’s kinda funny because it kind of reminds me of myself. You can tell she has issues and I have issues. So, we are alike and I really like her costume.

Last question, this comes from another cosplayer; Miyuki Cosplay. What is your workout regiment?

I love to run, I train for half marathons. I usual run 6 miles a day or 5 times a week. It’s good, it’s great, and also, laughter is wonderful. Also it’s really weird but if you are sitting and playing video games, or whatever. Tightening your core for like 30 seconds at a time, while you play, it’s weird but it works.

Ahhh, yah I have heard about that.

Yah~ thighs, butt. Legs.

That’s all I have, thank you.

You’re welcome.

*Takes a few shots, and some shenanigans happened.*

Jessica Nigri AR 2014-21971

Sword made my Sweatshop 202 – Ears made by Miyuki Cosplay –


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