You took the time. Now it's my turn to let you shine.


Jessica Nigri at Anime Revolution 2014

With Jessica Nigri’s return to Anime Revolution. Here are three questions and answers, one of them was asked by a fan.

Jessica Nigri AR 2014-21957

You have seen various cosplay communities around the world. Is there or are there any communities that have caught your attention or is your favourite?



Yaya Han at Anime Revolution 2014

Let’s start off with the first question.
Yaya Han AR 2014-21244

You have travelled around the world, because of cosplaying. Have you noticed a certain country where the best works stands out from the rest?


A few words on Popstar Ahri

With the release of Popstar Ahri. It is very likely Ahri is going to be popular again, after the latest nerf.



As they say; “Mid or feed”. Have a SnDn Ahri, now, let the battle for mid begin.

Hope they will have, “Ahri”ly good time on the Field of Justice.

CHN Comics posts watermark over Cosplayer’s/Photographer’s photos

The website in question; CHN Comic.


Jessica Nigri as Senkaku Mei?

I have a proposition. 

For those who are interested, I have two objectives for you.

Objective 1) Reach 250 likes/followers on I will release two 2048 by 1357 pixels photos of Jessica Nigri as Senkaku Mei.

Objective 2) D.I.S/C Photography reach 1000 likes/followers by October 4th 2013. I WILL release eleven images of Jessica Nigri as Senkaku Mei, with the resolution of 2048 by 1357 pixels.

How does this proposition sound?

The rest is now in everyone’s hands and cooperation. Get the word out and accomplish these objectives.

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri, Photographer: D.I.S/C Photography


Cos & Effect 2013

Cos & Effect (C&E) 2013, as expected, was a cosplay photography filled time with a twist.  At Cos & Effect 2013, this is the first time we have done a video recording of a one on one with a guest. The guest, which I had the opportunity to do a one on one with, was Crystal Graziano of Precious Cosplay. It was my first time doing such a thing with a guest however it was a lot of fun. After the one on one, I spent my time going to the Lolita fashion show, the Costume Contest and a few other panels. For the remaining days  Overall C&E was relaxing, for me.

Costume Contest


C2AGE 2013

While overseas, I managed to attend C2AGE (Cosplay, Comics, Anime & Games Exhibition) 2013, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This would be my second event outside of North America. I was excited to attend and unexpectedly I met Alodia Gosiengfiao. Overall, I had a great time and would attend C2AGE again.