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CHN Comics posts watermark over Cosplayer’s/Photographer’s photos

The website in question; CHN Comic.



C2AGE 2013

While overseas, I managed to attend C2AGE (Cosplay, Comics, Anime & Games Exhibition) 2013, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This would be my second event outside of North America. I was excited to attend and unexpectedly I met Alodia Gosiengfiao. Overall, I had a great time and would attend C2AGE again.


[UNCUT] Press Interview with Kawahara Reki at Sakura-Con 2013

This is the interview article is with the author of Sword Art Online and Accel World, Kawahara Reki.

This article contains SPOILERS! If you do not want to be spoiled on Sword Art Online (including the light novels up to Volume 11) or Accel World. My suggestion to you, Read the light novels or if you wish not to read the light novels. Watch the anime adaptations of Kawahara’s light novels. Another way to avoid major spoilers on Sword Art Online. Head over to Cosplay Victoria and read the Press Interview with Kawahara with no spoilers named: Press Interview with Kawahara Reki @ Sakura-Con 2013

For the interview transcript in this article. I wanted it to be as close to the interview experience I had with Kawahara. Even though I had to correct the grammar of the questions, answers and statements. Luckily these corrections are minor and I did my best to maintain the word for word feel, from the interview.  Before the interview began, we were asked not to take photos of Kawahara Reki during the interview. As a result, there will be no photos from the interview. However, while you are reading the interview transcript, I have provided a few photos from Kawahara’s public Question and Answer panel as your visual aids. A few of the questions, asked by other members of press, can be answered with more information by checking out the author’s notes in the light novels. To help find which volume to refer to, I made a note below Kawahara’s answer; “Narmi’s Tidbit: [Information]”.

Kawahara Reki Sakura-Con 2013 (more…)

Toshihiro Kawamoto @ Sakura-Con 2013

This year at Sakura-Con 2013, Cosplay Victoria was given the opportunity, to be a part of the group press interview with Toshihiro Kawamoto. We took the opportunity and this article is a transcript of that group press interview. Enjoy.

“Hello everyone, I am Toshihiro Kawamoto. This is my second Sakura-Con. I am really looking forward to having a good time and relaxing. I will do a brief introduction and profile. I work for BONES, which is a creation company. As an animator, I was involved with Cowboy Bebop and Wolf’s Rain as the Character designer. I was the Character Animation Director in Space Battleship Yamato 2199 last year and for the later half of last year, I worked on Eureka Seven Ao. I can not announce any titles right now, but there are two things that we are working on, that are unannounced by BONES. I really want to announce these two upcoming titles but unfortunately, we need to put off the announcements a little bit more. So, I won’t be able to answer questions about those and I am really sorry but, if you would like to ask anything about my experience as an animator or about BONES. I will be happy to talk about that.

Thank you very much.”

Toshihiro Kawamoto