You took the time. Now it's my turn to let you shine.

D.I.S/C Photography

MiniComi 2013-8276E-mail contact: Narmi[AT]CosplayVictoria[DOT]com

Do you need a photographer to help capture what you want? Do you need your ideas captured? Are you in need of a correspondent for your organization?  I am interested in hearing your ideas and possibly working with you.

As of now, I am lending my services to Cosplay Victoria as a media team member. My services to Cosplay Victoria are; photography of cosplays, concerts and events. Along with these services, interviewing guests and writing articles.

Outside of Cosplay Victoria. As of now, I have lent my photographic services to Roslan Wilkinson of RAWSHIRTS, at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2013.

Even though I do not have as much experience as other photographers and correspondents. I hope we will be able to work together. To make your ideas real or meet your event coverage needs.

Services provided:
– Photoshoots
– Press / article writing
– Interviewing guests
– Event coverage (as requested)
– Wedding Photography

Events covered:
Haruna Luna and Aoi Eir Live at Sakura-Con 2013.
Haruna & Aoi LIVE AT SAKURA-CON 2013

Haruna & Aoi LIVE AT SAKURA-CON 20130

Interview with Toshihiro Kawamoto at Sakura-Con 2013.

Toshihiro Kawamoto

Cos & Effect Costume Contest.

Precious Cosplay’s Ms. Marvel.



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